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  • WOF an insult not a protection
    The national federation representing Kiwi landlords is warning against progressing with the flawed rental WOF scheme, claiming its trialed roll-out is raising serious concerns for both tenants and landlords.
    17-03-2014 more >>
  • Buyers and investors leave market
    The REINZ information shows that property investors as well as first home buyers have left the market.
    12-03-2014 more >>
  • Property investors provide a service and fill the gap
    The census document NZ in Profile 2014 and the findings of the BNZ/REINZ Residential Market Survey hint at a disturbing trend regarding home ownership in this country. Overall the residential market is improving compared with the findings of the previous BNZ/REINZ survey.
    19-02-2014 more >>
  • State house WOF
    Housing New Zealand properties are paid for by taxpayers and it is these taxpayers who will end up paying for any cost increases in providing HNZ tenants with accommodation.
    19-02-2014 more >>
  • Cheaper power not a general WOF achieves warm homes
    According to the report by Sapere Research Group released on Monday, the NZ Power proposal of the Labour and Green Parties does little to address the issue of fuel poverty.
    14-02-2014 more >>
  • Housing affordability not so bad
    Demographia's latest survey of housing affordability paints a depressing picture for New Zealand. But is it as bad as Deographia make it out to be?
    21-01-2014 more >>
  • NZPIF: WOFs not the best approach
    Rental property warrants of fitness aren’t necessary, the New Zealand Property Investors Federation says. It was yesterday revealed that a trial of WOFs for rental properties – both private and council-owned – will start across the country in January. Councils said there were concerns that the housing stock was substandard and contributing to poor health.
    18-12-2013 more >>
  • Focus on insulation and heating rentals, not WOF
    A University of Otago study by medical students looked at 106 children admitted to Wellington hospital over winter. It found that the main cause for admission, 38%, was due to the effects of inhalation of second hand smoke.Other reasons were dampness (30%), mould (24%) and overcrowding (21%) in the home. The authors say that these findings support the need for a warrant of fitness on rental properties.
    14-12-2013 more >>
  • Warm houses key to child health.
    Children’s Commissioner, Dr Wills, reports today that, over the last 12 years, the biggest increases in child hospitalisations with poverty-related illnesses have been in asthma and bronchiolitis. He has said that living in crowded, cold and damp houses is what matters.
    10-12-2013 more >>
  • Landlords told: Watch out for rising rates
    Predictions that mortgage rates will start to rise significantly next year should serve as a wake-up call for property investors, the NZ Property Investors Federation says.
    26-11-2013 more >>
  • Property speculators are not property investors
    Curbing property investment is a Dominion Post reader’s solution to New Zealand’s current housing crisis. However, this solution demonstrates confusion between property speculators and property investors.
    25-11-2013 more >>
  • Rent increases bad news for all
    “The impact of rent increases low income groups in Auckland is not good for anyone”, said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation, in response to a Salvation Army’ report by social policy analyst Alan Johnson.
    16-11-2013 more >>
  • Survey shows that rental properties are well insulated
    In response to claims that only 5% of rental properties in New Zealand are insulated, the NZ Property Investors' Federation has undertaken a survey of their members to more accurately estimage insualtion levels.
    10-09-2012 more >>

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