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Massey University September Home Affordability report

This report has just been published this month.
13-02-2019 more >>

Latest Massey University Home Affordability report

This quarter has seen a decline in national affordability in all regions (5.8%), as well as an annual decline in affordability for all regions (1.1%).
16-07-2018 more >>

Massey University June Home Affordability report

Decline in affordability for all New Zealand regions except Canterbury and Westland
20-07-2017 more >>

Auckland continues to drive deterioration of home affordability

Massey University's Home Affordability Report - Quarterly survey June 2015, Volume 25, number 2
02-07-2015 more >>

Home affordability report highlights two-track property market

The latest Massey University Home Affordability Report underlines New Zealand’s “two-track housing experience”, says its author Professor Paul Gallimore from Massey’s School of Economics and Finance.
22-04-2015 more >>

Home affordability heads for uncharted territory

The latest Massey University Home Affordability Report shows lack of affordability could reach historic levels.
30-01-2015 more >>

Housing affordability still good

Results of the latest Massey University Home Affordability study have been released. While the report shows that affordability has deteriorated over the last 12 months, the level of deterioration is likely to be a surprise to many.
03-12-2014 more >>

Massey Housing affordability report - June 2014

With house prices and interest rates increasing, it is no surprise that housing affordability is falling. This is likely to continue for a number of years and was confirmed by the latest Home Affordability report by Massey University’s Real Estate Analysis Unit.
04-08-2014 more >>

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