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Hawkes Bay PIA monthly meeting February 17

Feb 17, 2020 - Doors open at 6.30

  Havelock North Community Centre, Havelock North

From a background of 17 years in the British Military and 8 years in banking and finance to successfully running his Life and Business Performance Coaching Company for the last 20 years, (Tony Walker Coaching) has overcome many obstacles. Come find out how Tony changed his mind-set when taking on challenges like completing a full Ironman event when he couldn't swim, had gout, was overweight and aged 50! Also find out what he did to overcome his abject fear of horses, plus so much more.

If you have some challenging and perhaps uncertain times ahead, come join Tony where he will share some secrets to help you break through some limiting beliefs that has successfully helped him shape his life and his business.


Join us after the meeting for Networking and supper

Admission free to members and guests for one visit only.

For any enquiries please email: hawkesbay@nzpif.org.nz or phone 027 777 0178

(Don’t forget coffee on the first Saturday of the month at No 5 Café and Larder. 10am – 11am).