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Housing minister resigns

Housing and Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley has resigned his portfolios as a result of further discrepancies over his ministerial credit card spending.
25-02-2010 more >>

Housing confidence still upbeat

New Zealand housing confidence is still upbeat even if it's somewhat tarnished, according to ASB economists.
23-02-2010 more >>

Numbers on the up, says Harcourts

Sales numbers are predicted to improve over the next two months, says Harcourts' chief executive Bryan Thomson.
23-02-2010 more >>

Steadying of housing market dropping off

The steadying of the housing market has dropped off and is now at its "least convincing" since June last year, according to the Mike Pero Mortgages/Infometrics Property Cycle Indicator.
22-02-2010 more >>

House prices set to fall in cooling market: ANZ

The direction for house prices is down in what is a cooling market, according to ANZ's 10 property gauges.
19-02-2010 more >>

Trade Me sees record property browsers

Trade Me Property saw a record number of unique browsers and enquiries about properties in January despite sales being at a two-decade low.
19-02-2010 more >>

Relief in property circles as most tax options ruled out

The vice-president of the Property Investors Federation is relieved that most housing tax options were ruled out in Prime Minister John Key's speech yesterday, but he is wary of what is to come.
18-02-2010 more >>

Low number of bad loans make it to mortgagee sale

Mortgagee sales figures tend to hog the headlines but only a small percentage of loans gone bad ever get to that stage.
16-02-2010 more >>

REINZ residential highlights - January 2010

With sales the lowest in 20 years, where has been the hardest hit? Find out what parts of the country have fared better than others in terms of sales and price.
12-02-2010 more >>

House sales lowest in two decades

House sales fell close to 20-year lows last month, as uncertainty about property tax changes and ongoing fragility in the economic recovery continued to weigh on the market, according to Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) figures.
12-02-2010 more >>

Falling house sales may indicate faltering economy

Falling New Zealand house sale volumes and prices in January may indicate a domestic economy that's struggling to maintain momentum, according to economists.
11-02-2010 more >>

Change in property rules 'inevitable'

Property investors will find it hard to argue they should continue to claim depreciation of buildings that were increasing in value while not paying tax on that increase, Tax Working Group member John Shewan says.
10-02-2010 more >>

Landlord breaks likely top target

Prime Minister John Key is expected to target tax breaks for landlords in his first parliamentary speech of the year setting out the Government's plans.
09-02-2010 more >>

Key kicks for touch on property tax

The Government has ruled out almost all the property tax changes proposed by the Tax Working Group.
09-02-2010 more >>

Key’s silence on depreciation indicates it’s a focus

KPMG believes the silence on depreciation today in the Prime Minister's speech on tax indicates that this remains very much a focus for the government in its tax reforms.
09-02-2010 more >>

Michael Laws: You're a Shylock industry

Transcript of a Radio Live conversation between Michael Laws and NZPIF Vice President Andrew King.
09-02-2010 more >>

Residential highlights - January 2010

The first QV statistics for 2010 show one thing is certain this year - uncertainty remains. Find out what's happening in the main residential areas.
08-02-2010 more >>

House values rise last month in 'patchy' market: QV

House values rose 4.4% in the year through January in what was a "patchy" first month for 2010.
08-02-2010 more >>

Landlords fret over possible tax hit

180,000 Kiwi landlords with about $213 billion invested in the sector could be in for a rude awakening come Tuesday.
06-02-2010 more >>

Tax changes robust enough?

It is still too early to gauge whether recommendations forwarded by the Tax Working Group are robust enough to be implemented by the government, according to the Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ).
05-02-2010 more >>

On the block: houses, tax and angry investors

The government needs to get some balls. One minute they are cosying up to us private property investors to provide them with solutions; the next minute they are treating us like pariahs. It's bizarre.''
05-02-2010 more >>

Proposed tax changes will hurt listed commercial investors

Listed commercial property will be hurt by proposed tax changes, both in terms of returns for current investors and the ability to attract overseas money.
04-02-2010 more >>

Auckland house prices fall, amidst still declining sales

Auckland house prices slid 8.6% last month amid an ongoing decline in sales, even as more properties are put on the market.
04-02-2010 more >>

Wellington house market holds up

Wellington remains one of the stronger housing markets according to the latest Property Cycle report from Mike Pero Mortgages.
02-02-2010 more >>

February '10 Issue

Deciphering all the different statistics and market information that's available on the state of the property market is an art in itself. This issue we look at what established investors listen to and why, plus we have survey results from Landlords.co.nz readers on who they rate as the best economist, commentator and author.
01-02-2010 more >>

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