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Canterbury market returning to normal: QV

The majority of the Canterbury housing market appears to be returning to normal after the September 4 earthquake, according to QV.
07-10-2010 more >>

Auckland values remain stable

QV's Residential Price Index for September shows that property values in the Auckland region are relatively stable, having dropped by only 0.9% since March this year. In contrast, values increased by 5.3% in the seven months up to March.
07-10-2010 more >>

Spring no saviour for Auckland house sales: Barfoot

Auckland house sales failed to blossom in September's sunnier weather, with fewer than 700 sales for the fourth straight month, although prices rebounded after falling a month earlier.
05-10-2010 more >>

Home building passes low point

Home building construction looks to have passed the cycle's low point and fundamentals for an upswing for the remainder of 2010 and 2011 are still in place, according to the Department of Building and Housing.
04-10-2010 more >>

Generation Homes - better by the year

Successful property investment portfolios improve with age… as long as the assets in that portfolio are well situated and soundly constructed in the first place. It’s for these reasons that Generation Homes house and land packages perform so profitably in the domestic rental market.
01-10-2010 more >>

Rents rising but landlords need to be careful

Rents are on the rise nationally, says auction site TradeMe, as the supply of rental properties continues to decline and residential property investors chase cash flow rather than capital gains.
01-10-2010 more >>

October '10 Issue

Shaken to the Core How the earthquake will affect the housing market and what that means for both current and future investors in the city. Will prices in Christchurch drop to their knees, or will they be pushed up due to heightened demand, as people look for replacement houses?
01-10-2010 more >>

What's on offer for landlords with SmartBond?

How often have you heard it said (or said it yourself) that... “4 weeks’ bond just isn’t enough” or “ the legislation is too light” or “the bond system is geared towards tenants”. SmartBond is the perfect solution.
30-09-2010 more >>

Offer by Conference sponsor Scott Family Winemakers to property investors.

Scott Family Winemakers is a major sponsor of the 2010 NZPIF Conference. An offer of a selection of their wines is being made to Conference delegates and to other property investors.
30-09-2010 more >>

Quake helps property managers and vacancy levels

The earthquake in Canterbury has been good for vacancy levels in the Christchurch rental market. "Vacancies are as low as they have ever been," Harcourts chief executive Hayden Duncan says.
28-09-2010 more >>

ANZ paints sombre picture of house prices

ANZ has painted a sombre picture of housing prices in its latest report saying they are “becalmed” and the pressure on prices is “slightly downward”.
28-09-2010 more >>

Bond repayments sped up in Canterbury

Canterbury tenants forced to end the lease of their property due to earthquake damage should have their bond money released within 24 hours.
25-09-2010 more >>

Ignore speculation about Chch property prices

Property owners are being warned not to take too much notice over speculation around what will happen in the real estate market.
21-09-2010 more >>

LAQCs - an update from Mark Withers

Audio of Mark Withers on the imminent changes to the tax rules affecting Loss Attributing Qualifying Company - and, if you have one, what you need to do soon!
17-09-2010 more >>

Tighter insurance stalling real estate market

House sales are becoming impossible for real estate agents in Canterbury as home buyers get hit by tougher regulations on house insurance.
16-09-2010 more >>

Canterbury landlords warned about excessive rent rises

Canterbury landlords are being warned not to raise rents excessively due to the increased demand for rental properties after the earthquake.
16-09-2010 more >>

REINZ residential highlights - August 2010

Property sales have remained subdued, although house prices have been holding steady. To find out what's happening in the main regions throughout the country, use the links below.
14-09-2010 more >>

August house sales slump to near 2008 trough

New Zealand's residential property sales slumped by more than a quarter in August, with the volume near the depths of its trough two years ago.
14-09-2010 more >>

Chch tenants still sweating the small stuff

Christchurch property managers are getting calls from tenants to deal with mundane management problems like broken washing machines while in the midst of dealing with earthquake-stricken properties and shaken tenants.
11-09-2010 more >>

Compulsory KiwiSaver 'has its drawbacks'

Making KiwiSaver compulsory could boost national savings, the Treasury says, but it raises difficult wellbeing and fairness issues.
09-09-2010 more >>

Market buoyed by rate cuts

The residential property market remains constrained, although is being buoyed somewhat by fixed mortgage rate cuts, according to the ANZ's August Property Focus.
09-09-2010 more >>

Buyers cautious as activity remains subdued

House prices extended their decline for a fifth month as a backlog of unsold property sits on the market.
08-09-2010 more >>

Rental market squeezed after quake

The Canterbury earthquake will put pressure on the city's residential rental sector, as the pool of available homes shrinks and home owners whose properties have been condemned look for short to medium-term accommodation.
07-09-2010 more >>

Choice declining for buyers

Choice for buyers in the Auckland residential property market is declining, with properties for sale at their lowest number in seven months.
03-09-2010 more >>

Hunters Wines special offer to property investors

Hunters Wines is one of the sponsors of the 2010 Conference. It is offering two special six bottle packs to property investors as well as a range of other wines. Delivery can be to your home prior to the Conference or free to your hotel during the Conference weekend
02-09-2010 more >>

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