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REINZ residential highlights - July 2010

Sales activity and price appear to differ quite dramatically in different parts of the country, with each market showing unique characteristics. Find out what's happening in the 12 main regions below.
13-08-2010 more >>

House sales fall to decade low

New Zealand residential property sales plummeted to its lowest level for a July in a decade, as rising interest rates, slower population growth and tax changes took their toll on the market, according to figures released by the Real Estate Institute.
13-08-2010 more >>

NZPIF conference packed with benefits

From the opening on the morning of October 16 in Blenheim to the close at 1.00pm on Sunday, delegates to the 2010 New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) Conference will have the chance to hear at least 12 different speakers on property investment.
12-08-2010 more >>

Provincial property posed to prosper

Provincial areas look set to prosper in the property market over the next two years, with the export led economy helping economic prospects according to the QBE LMI 2010 Housing Outlook Report.
12-08-2010 more >>

IRD favours depreciation for commercial building fit-outs

Hoteliers, retailers and commercial office interior decorators look likely to get the reprieve they were looking for from new depreciation rules they feared would drastically raise the cost of maintaining modern premises.
11-08-2010 more >>

Inaugral Investment Game Secondary Schools competition produces young millionaires

The NZ Investment Game enables players to experience the risk and challenges of the investment market without risking their homes and livelihoods.
10-08-2010 more >>

Market back to the future of 2008

The residential property market looks to have travelled back to 2008, minus "the sky is falling" sentiment and values only easing backwards rather than racing.
09-08-2010 more >>

QV main urban areas commentary: July 2010

Property values in the six main centres either flat-lined or declined in July, according to the latest figures from Quotable Value.
09-08-2010 more >>

Confidence in property market remains stable

Confidence in the housing market remains stable despite much of the current negative comment, according to the latest property survey. However the expectations around where house prices will go vary markedly across the country.
09-08-2010 more >>

Mortgagee sales continue to stay high

Mortgagee sale numbers continue to remain high at the moment, and there are now more home owners ending up with forced sales as opposed to property investors.
08-08-2010 more >>

Auckland house sales still in doldrums

Auckland house sales stayed in a slump last month as winter kept the market in a malaise.
04-08-2010 more >>

Asking prices fall $22k in four months

Asking prices for residential property have fallen almost $22,000 in four months, falling nearly half of that in July from a month earlier, according to Realestate.co.nz.
02-08-2010 more >>

August '10 Issue

Learning from the past is a powerful tool to help you succeed in the future. In this issue of the NZ Property Investor we look at just that: what lessons you can take from the recent property downturn and apply it to your investing strategies.
01-08-2010 more >>

Current market conditions favour investors

In my travels around the Property Investor Associations I have picked up on quite a few experienced members increasing their portfolios. In fact even some of the less experienced investors are learning to be counter cyclical from other members and either starting or expanding their investments.
01-08-2010 more >>

Tauranga: Investing in sunshine

Traditionally touted for its relating lifestyle, Tauranga City offers more than the sun and surf to active investors, writes Adrienne Jervis.
30-07-2010 more >>

Building consents edge up slightly after slump

New Zealand's residential property sector remained subdued last month with permits for new construction edging up from a slump in May, while commercial property extended its decline.
30-07-2010 more >>

OCR increases but more moderate pace to come

Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard raised the Official Cash Rate (OCR) a quarter point to 3%, while predicting a less aggressive path for further increases - good news for floating mortgage rates.
29-07-2010 more >>

House prices to fall, rents to rise

House prices look set to continue falling, with Westpac predicting they could fall around 4.7%, while rents look set to rise.
28-07-2010 more >>

House prices likely to stay flat

While house prices increased in June from a month earlier, the general trend over the past three months has been flat at best, according to ANZ.
27-07-2010 more >>

Greens want new standards for rental properties

The Green Party is looking to impose more costs on landlords by having minimum standards for insulation and heating in rental properties.
24-07-2010 more >>

IRD's property focus getting sharper

The Inland Revenue Department's focus on the property market has not let up due to the recession. The department's latest annual Compliance Focus publication, released today, shows, if anything, an increased focus on getting more tax out of the property investment sector.
23-07-2010 more >>

SFO starts new Blue Chip probe

The Serious Fraud Office is to investigate allegations against an employee of the failed property investment group, Blue Chip, for alleged misinformation to investors and altering loan documents to induce financiers to lend.
22-07-2010 more >>

RTA amendments finally passed

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act was passed by Parliament yesterday, with no last-minute changes to what was previously on the table.
22-07-2010 more >>

Canterbury investment properties hard to move

Only a third of a portfolio of 20 investment properties put up for sale in Christchurch have been sold, reflecting the difficult market conditions.
19-07-2010 more >>

Soft housing activity predicted for the rest of the year amid weak REINZ data

Economists are predicting the housing market will stay soft for the rest of the year after Real Estate Institute data showed sales volumes stayed under pressure last month.
15-07-2010 more >>

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