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Some Canterbury investors get cold feet

A group of Christchurch property investors are selling up due to high debt levels, unrealised gains and Budget issues.
14-06-2010 more >>

Budget not driving property investors away

If the Budget was designed to put residential property investors off their stride then it appears to have failed.
11-06-2010 more >>

OCR increase good for property market

The Real Estate Institute is saying that the increase in the official cash rate, which will lead to higher mortgage rates, is good for the property market.
10-06-2010 more >>

Borrowers - don't panic

Borrowers shouldn't panic about the Official Cash Rate (OCR) increase to 2.75% today says ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie.
10-06-2010 more >>

QV main urban areas commentary: May 2010

Values throughout the main urban areas have flattened or declined over the three months to May, according to QV's latest statistics. Find out what's happening in the story below.
10-06-2010 more >>

Market set to potter along: QV

The residential property market is a mixed bag in terms of activity but looks set to "potter along" for the next while, according to QV.
10-06-2010 more >>

Residential building and consents increase

An increasing volume of residential building in the March quarter has offset a continuing fall in commercial construction, to post an overall lift in all building work of 0.7% across its three month measurement period.
08-06-2010 more >>

Huge residential property investment portfolio up for sale

The biggest single receivership sale of residential investment property ever seen in New Zealand is placing seven large-scale multi-tenanted units on the market for sale – encompassing some 153 rental units.
06-06-2010 more >>

GST to impact substantial investors

An increase in GST will have a significant impact on property investors with substantial portfolios.
04-06-2010 more >>

Auckland house sales gain in May

Auckland house sales and prices rose last month after a soft April, though the property market still faces headwinds with interest rates likely to rise and more people looking to head across the Tasman.
03-06-2010 more >>

Property prices under pressure

Property prices are still under pressure as households keep debt repayments as a top priority for the year ahead, according to the ANZ New Zealand property gauges.
02-06-2010 more >>

Buying a former 'P' house can prove costly

Just like a leaky home, a house that has been used to manufacture methamphetamine (P) can cost tens of thousands of dollars to clean or repair before it is safe to be inhabited again.
01-06-2010 more >>

Sellers forced to get realistic

Sellers are being forced back down to earth in terms of price expectations if they want to shift properties, amidst sagging sales.
01-06-2010 more >>

June '10 Issue

Big Bad Bill English puffed a lot of hot air over property investors’ heads in the lead up to the May Budget. But what do the announced changes really mean for the future of property investment.
01-06-2010 more >>

Number of mortgagee sales rises

Kiwi Mums and Dads are losing their homes in record numbers to mortgagee sales as the effects of the recession continue to bite residential homeowners.
31-05-2010 more >>

LAQC proposals questionable: NZICA

As part of the Budget process, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has proposed limiting the use of LAQCs to reduce the overall tax paid by property investors and others.
31-05-2010 more >>

Home building consents rise to two-year high

New Zealand's home-building approvals rose to a two-year high in April, suggesting the property market is heading for a gradual recovery, buffeted by higher interest rates.
28-05-2010 more >>

Leaky homes not eligible for depreciation deductions under new rules

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) says leaky buildings will generally not be eligible for depreciation deductions in line with rules for other buildings with a useful life of 50-plus years.
27-05-2010 more >>

Half of landlords will put up rents

The first nationwide survey on the Budget of 2,097 people, commissioned by the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development, found that denying depreciation on rental properties and commercial buildings is supported by 46% and opposed by about a fifth of people.
24-05-2010 more >>

LAQC’s will be a “dead man walking”

Property investors will not want to use LAQC’s going forward and they will use other structures instead according to Deloitte tax partner Mike Shaw, who is a member of the Tax Working Group.
21-05-2010 more >>

Govt's tax changes means tenants will pay more rent

The Government’s decision to deny property owners depreciation claims means that tenants will end up paying more for their rent.
21-05-2010 more >>

Residential property investors to get another bite at fit-out cherry

Residential property investors will get another chance to claim depreciation on fit-out and maintenance costs with Inland Revenue reviewing these costs after the government followed through with its threat to remove property owners’ ability to claw back depreciation on buildings.
21-05-2010 more >>

BUDGET RELEASE: Property tax changes increase fairness

Changes to the tax treatment of investment property increase fairness and help rebalance the economy towards productive investment, Finance Minister Bill English and Revenue Minister Peter Dunne say.
20-05-2010 more >>

Depreciation: Here today, gone tomorrow

Property investors will face greater scrutiny from the tax department after the government confirmed it will wipe depreciation write-offs for buildings.
20-05-2010 more >>

Government closes loopholes for LAQCs

The Government is closing the loophole on loss attributing qualifying companies (LAQCs), a favoured property investment vehicle, by aligning the tax rates between the structures' deductions and profits.
20-05-2010 more >>

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