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Lack of funding brings the CHRANZ house down


The Centre for Housing Research Aotearoa New Zealand (CHRANZ) has announced its closure today after failing to secure ongoing cornerstone funding.

Chair Jenny Dixon said that in its eight years CHRANZ had commissioned a wide range of research to expand knowledge of the complexities of the New Zealand housing sector.

"Our publications are viewed as independent, highly relevant and are used widely by housing and other policy makers as an evidence-based resource to inform policy advice and development."

She said CHRANZ was looking forward to the delivery of commissioned research investigating improving the design, quality and affordability of residential intensification in New Zealand and that the research would be highly relevant for urban planning underway in Auckland and Christchurch.

Dixon said that CHRANZ had made special efforts to communicate its research to its many stakeholders, and, "we have taken particular care to ensure that reports produced by CHRANZ were high quality and underwent a rigorous process of peer review."

"On behalf of the CHRANZ board I want to formally thank the many agencies (public and private) and individuals within them who have contributed to our work. The HNZC board requires special acknowledgement for its foresight in establishing CHRANZ and providing ongoing financial support that has sustained CHRANZ during its eight years of operation."

She said copies of CHRANZ's published research reports, research bulletins, seminar papers and annual reports could be found online at www.chranz.co.nz.

Source: Landlords.co.nz