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New Tribunal forms can be filed online


New Tenancy Tribunal application forms for landlords and tenants will be launched at the start of August.

The forms will be able to be filed online.

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment manager of information and education Dahna Bond said the move was designed to help landlords and tenants get their disputes resolved more quickly.

“The new forms will make it easier for clients to provide the information and supporting documents required to get their disputes resolved.  We have consulted a number of clients and stakeholders in the design of these forms and feedback has been really positive.” 

The new forms include changes such as space to explain where details of the tenancy do not match  the Tenancy Agreement,  asking if the applicant is willing to attempt mediation, breaking down what the applicant is claiming into different sections and providing guidance on what information is required.

The form for landlords asks for appropriate address for service details for the tenant based on the status of the tenancy.

People using the online application system will have to submit supporting documentation as attachments.

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Source: Landlords.co.nz