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TINZ in the news

 An advocacy group Renters United is worried the TINZ tenant checking system could be abused. TINZ allows landlords to rate tenants at the end of their tenancy and see how other landlords have rated applicants.  Renters United say this is a form of discrimination and makes it very difficult for tenants in a tight rental market.

 From TINZ perspective the website offers transparency. Tenants are able to request what information TINZ holds on them and encourages property managers to be upfront with tenants regarding TINZ website. Without TINZ the tenant checking option for property managers is to phone previous property managers to have a conversation regarding previous tenancies. This conversation is neither transparent nor recorded. TINZ is a great help for good tenants while protecting landlords from the odd bad tenant that is out there.

 TINZ ratings are a simple tick box system which rates things like Rent payment, Tidiness and Consideration of neighbours.
 TINZ database is over 300,000 records, plus simultaneous searches through around 15 different sources ie. TINZ database, Credit checks, Fines searches, Hire purchase agreements, Facebook, Tribunal decisions, etc etc
 TINZ is a big supporter of NZPIF and has a special deal in place for members which will be found through the registration process at  www.tinz.nz


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