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Rental house of horrors

Unwary landlords can find themselves caught up in a host of financial implications and be burned when they discover the cost of owning a rental property
29-12-2008 more >>

Thomas Chin reports on legislation of interest in 2009

When Parliament resumes in February 2009 there will be two major pieces of legislation and other business of interest to property investors.
24-12-2008 more >>

President's December report

Findings of the Survey for Ministry of Justice Review Team. Check the property market while in relaxed holiday mode. New style membership cards being designed. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
23-12-2008 more >>

Bernard Hickey: Property pain only just begun

It is tempting to think the worst is over for the housing market.
22-12-2008 more >>

Simple steps to increase your home's value

During the property market's heated phase,home owners saw the value of their houses soar without having to do so much as lift a paintbrush - but the sands have now shifted
21-12-2008 more >>

Kiwis looking at property again

A second survey this week confirms the view that people are interested in buying property again and expect house prices to fall further.
19-12-2008 more >>

Mortgage borrowing strategy

The ANZ economists in the December Property Focus recommend fixing for six months to a year.
19-12-2008 more >>

Officials paint gloomy picture

Government officials have produced a gloomy outlook for the property market for incoming Minister of Housing Phil Heatley.
17-12-2008 more >>

Tauranga: Bargains in the bay

Tauranga’s property market has been turned on its head by the current climate. Although some parts of the Bay of Plenty city and surrounding areas have finally reached the bottom, others are yet to hit. Adrienne Jervis talks to locals with their finger on the pulse to gauge the market from an investor’s point of view.
16-12-2008 more >>

NZ Housing most affordable since 2005 - report

Economic times may be tough but the good news is that housing in New Zealand is becoming more affordable.
15-12-2008 more >>

Fears of 35,000 jobs to go in NZ construction

As new figures continue to emphasise the fall off in house building, there are fears 35,000 jobs could be lost in the construction sector.
09-12-2008 more >>

Default on rental debt leaving landlords out of pocket

Some landlords are being left out of pocket due to an increase in the number of applications for no-asset procedures (NAPs) through the Insolvency and Trustee Service.
09-12-2008 more >>

House prices fall but signs point to 'slight' recovery

National property values have dipped again this -month - but the slide may be bottoming out, according to figures from Quotable Value.
08-12-2008 more >>

Interest rates slashed to 5pc, banks cut floating rates

The Official Cash Rate axe has swung again, with the Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard cutting official interest rates by 150 basis points - a 1.5 percentage point cut leaving the rate at 5 per cent.
04-12-2008 more >>

Landlord insurance bill withdrawn

A private member's bill which would have required landlords to insure their tenants has been taken off Parliament's agenda.
04-12-2008 more >>

December '08 Issue

  • With house prices and interest rates falling, cash-generating properties are starting to reappear.
  • Dropping mortgage rates
  • 7 must-do tips for undertaking renovations in turbulent times
    01-12-2008 more >>
  • President's November Report

    New Minister of Building and Construction. Effects of the global economic crisis. Meeting of DBH National Customer Service Council. Survey for Ministry of Justice Review Team. 2008/2009 NZPIF Executive.
    01-12-2008 more >>


    POST-ELECTION – NATIONAL-LED GOVERNMENT A National Party led coalition with the ACT Party, the United Future Party and Maori Party is the new governing arrangement for the next three years.
    01-12-2008 more >>

    Bank moves makes it harder to buy a home

    New Zealand's largest banking group has doubled its minimum mortgage deposit, leaving would-be home buyers needing to find tens of thousands more before buying.
    27-11-2008 more >>

    Longer fixing now an option

    Mortgage rates are looking festive as they continue to register scores of reductions by lenders.
    27-11-2008 more >>

    Hawkes Bay Property Insider November 2008

    The November issues features interesting articles and tips for members
    26-11-2008 more >>

    Interest tumbles in face of crisis

    Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard is expected to hack more than 1 per cent off the official cash rate next week in an attempt to bring down interest rates and revive the flagging economy
    25-11-2008 more >>

    Leap in Tenancy Tribunal applications

    Increasing financial pressures have seen a spike in the number of applications to the Tenancy Tribunal, mainly relating to unpaid rent.
    25-11-2008 more >>

    BNZ goes below 7 per cent mortgage barrier

    BNZ is throwing down the gauntlet to other banks in slashing its lowest mortgage rate today to below 7 per cent.
    24-11-2008 more >>

    Bernard Hickey: Mortgage pain on the rise

    There is one sure way to capture the mood of the real estate market and economy right now. Go to Trade Me or realestate.co.nz and search for properties with the word mortgage
    23-11-2008 more >>

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