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December '09 Issue

We bring you a NZ Property Investor exclusive report looking at the top 50 areas showing the most growth since the bottom of the downturn and take an in-depth look at the top 15 areas for volatility and other common trends.
01-12-2009 more >>

November 2009 HBPIA Property Insider Newslatter

November 2009 Addition of the newsletter
10-11-2009 more >>

November '09 Issue

Christchurch investor Liz Harris started out as a landlord through necessity, but has continued down the property path and has built up an empire of multi-income properties. With her gentle demeanor and passion for what she does, Harris shares her extraordinary story with Vicki Holder
01-11-2009 more >>

October '09 Issue

Despite rental markets throughout the country taking a hit over the past year, they are faring much better long term, with some areas having grown close to 50% over the past four years. We sift through the numbers to find the top 10 suburbs, plus the top 10 urban and regional areas for rental growth and volatility levels.
01-10-2009 more >>

October Issue HB Property Insider

Latest Events and news from Hawkes Bay
01-10-2009 more >>

Labour backs property tax but not on family homes

Labour leader Phil Goff says his party is prepared to discuss a capital gains tax with the Government, opening the way for an accord on a tax that has long been a political hot potato.
14-09-2009 more >>

September '09 Issue

This month, ANZ's annual property investors' survey is released. In an exclusive, the NZ Property Investor examines the results, looks at what property investors are doing now and gives you the five new investing rules for future success.
04-09-2009 more >>

Stop tenants being ripped off

Wolfgang Himme responds to the report on a woman in Auckland posing as a property manager and defrauding a number of people looking for rental accommodation.
22-08-2009 more >>

Rotorua investor named Landlord of the Year

Debbie Van Den Broek of Rotorua Property Investors' Association was named Landlord of the Year 2009 at the NZPIF Conference dinner on Saturday.
16-08-2009 more >>

Hawkes bay Property Insider

Property Insider Newsletter August Edition
12-08-2009 more >>

August '09 Issue

The issues of methamphetamine, or P, are becoming more and more prevalent in our society, infiltrating aspects of Kiwi culture one would never have associated with drug abuse, real estate investment being one of them.
01-08-2009 more >>

July '09 Issue

The current market has turned up some amazing deals for investors. But it has also turned up many problems with tenants. As one of the most valuable assets for investors, tenants are also the most unpredictable.
01-07-2009 more >>

May 2009 Hawkes Bay Property Insider

All the lastest event and news from the Hawkes Bay Region
10-06-2009 more >>

June '09 Issue

Stories on apartments being hot buys have been endemic of late, but how reliable have reports been? Good enough to stake your portfolio on? We pull apart the apartment market to find out if they're a gold-mine for investors in the current market.
01-06-2009 more >>

Rent arrears - Application and Beyond

Cliff Seque, President of the Otago PIA, provides a step by step guide to the process of recovering rent arrears.
24-05-2009 more >>

April Hawkes Bay Property Insider

News and events from the Hawkes Bay Property Investors Association
24-05-2009 more >>

May '09 Issue

When times are tough, what you need is to be inspired and encouraged. We do exactly that in the May issue, with an exclusive interview with the very inspirational Robert Kiyosaki. He is the reason many people started investing in the first place.
01-05-2009 more >>

NZPIF Submission on changes to Associated Persons rules

This submission was forwarded in May 2007. The Finance Select Committee is now considering this issue.
17-04-2009 more >>

Collecting your debts

Glenn Morris tells landlords how to ensure debts are paid when the Tenancy Tribunal awards a money order
16-04-2009 more >>

Insider's guide to building law

Available from June, this new book bridges the gap between building inspectors and building owners.
16-04-2009 more >>

Drug case outcome sets the bar

The outcome of a recent drug case has set the legal bar for landlords to deal with drugs being manufactured by tenants, or friends of tenants, in their rental properties.
16-04-2009 more >>

Get real and quick recovery will follow, owners told.

A leading corporate lawyer says a recovery might occur quite quickly once business and building owners become realistic about the value of their assets.
14-04-2009 more >>

Action on the home front

Home buyers - including expats with an eye for a bargain - have returned to the market in strength, hunting both high end and investment property
13-04-2009 more >>

NZ property values drop 9.3%

New Zealand property values fell 9.3% last month, led by declines in Auckland City and Manukau, as rising unemployment and waning job security counters the benefits of lower borrowing costs.
09-04-2009 more >>

QV residential highlights - March 2009

The residential property market is picking up, but values are still dropping, according to the latest numbers released by QV Valuations. Find out how the main centres are faring below.
09-04-2009 more >>

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