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November '09 Issue

Christchurch investor Liz Harris started out as a landlord through necessity, but has continued down the property path and has built up an empire of multi-income properties. With her gentle demeanor and passion for what she does, Harris shares her extraordinary story with Vicki Holder

The current economic and housing conditions call for proactive measures in the fight to keep vacancy rates down. We talk to experienced landlords and other experts for their proven strategies and advice

We take a look at how to make the disputes process through the Tenancy Tribunal a smooth one, with advice and tips on what to do and how to do it

In the second of the bi-monthly series, Jane Eyles-Bennett answers the second most commonly asked question by investors: how long should your renovation take?

And in the last of our affordable homes series, we look at what it means to build sustainably, how to do it and the benefits it produces in the long-run

Also in the November 2009 issue:

  • News: Tax bullet aimed at property investors; IRD eying off-the-plan property; Investors more protected under new real estate rules; Significant changes to RTA
  • Commercial news: Extended definition of associated persons; Tauranga syndicate boosts yield forecast
  • Diary: What's on for property investors this month? Find out where the hottest events are happening around the country
  • Housing commentary: The housing market continues to be on the mend, with more good news reflected in the latest numbers
  • Ask an expert: Can insulation be claimed as improvements or maintenance and what are the rules around tenants sub-letting a property? 
  • Columns:
    • Accounting: If a capital gains tax is struck off the menu, what could potentially replace it as an option?
    • Mortgages: Jonathan Michell suggests what you can do with the extra money saved from lower rates
    • Economics: Khoon Goh considers the effect unemployment has on the housing market
    • Property conveyancing: Kim Matheson runs through the essential clauses investors should have in a Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • NZPIF: News and events from around the regions, plus introducing the 2009/2010 Executive Committee
  • Regional review: Boasting beautiful beaches, affordable housing and steady development over the past few years, what aspects are paying dividends in the Rodney District?
  • Mortgage commentary: Fixing short or staying on floating rates will see you sweet for the foreseeable future
  • Books: Invest in your future with books from two of the masters of property, Martin Hawes' latest Letters to Aston and Steve McKnight's updated 0 to 130 properties in 3.5 years