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December '11 Issue

In November’s edition of NZ Property Investor we put the banks under the microscope – and you may be surprised at which one comes out on top for dealing with property investors.
01-12-2011 more >>

November '11 Issue

Best banks revealed - who will lend you the most.
01-11-2011 more >>

October '11 Issue

In this issue we reveal the best places to invest in property. Bob Jones gives us his views on the rebuild of Christchurch CBD, and we also profile Chris Gray - an Australian based property investor who has a property portfolio in excess of $10 million and still chooses to rent a house to live in.
01-10-2011 more >>

September '11 Issue

  • The Perfect Tenant
  • Sir Bob Jones on Tax
  • Renovating and landscaping
    01-09-2011 more >>
  • August '11 Issue

  • Sir Bob Jones
  • Investing in the Wellington CBD
  • Property Finders versus Real Estate Agents Authority
    01-08-2011 more >>
  • July '11 Issue

    On every front, the current market is the most investor-friendly in decades. The experts say this is the time to strike the deals that will secure your financial future.
    01-07-2011 more >>

    June '11 Issue

    The June issue of NZ Property Investor also offers tips from the experts on how to get a great deal. Among the tips in this market are being able to act quickly by having all your research done, making the deal clean, and dealing only with the listing agent, who has the power to work with the owner first-hand.
    01-06-2011 more >>

    May '11 Issue

    Renovating is the new black Add rooms and you'll add value to your property, says Property Investor's May issue, out now.
    01-05-2011 more >>

    April '11 Issue

  • Rents Rocket
  • Christchurch earthquake "emigres"
  • Tax Changes
    01-04-2011 more >>
  • March '11 Issue

  • LAQC changes - The Best Tax Deal For You
  • Lester Haycock's plan to profit from resorts
  • Kiwis wanting to invest offshore for great returns
    01-03-2011 more >>
  • February '11 Issue

    North v South: Which island offers the best investment locations
    08-02-2011 more >>

    January '12 Issue

    Sky clears - Our experts predictions for 2012
    01-01-2011 more >>

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