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March '11 Issue

LAQC changes - The Best Tax Deal For You

Tax changes have created uncertainty and confusion among property investors - and even the experts disagree on which options landlords should pick to replace LAQCs.

Brenda Ward interviewed tax experts across the board to find out what investors should do prior to March 31 - and what the tax changes mean.

She found strong supporters for the government's new LTC (look-through company) structure, but discovered that whether or not you make a profit has a big part to play in your company structure from April 1 onwards. The magazine also contains a handy check-list for company owners wanting to make sure their tax issues are in order before March 31.

Million-dollar man Lester Haycock also appears in this issue of the magazine, revealing his plan to profit from resorts, through multiple ownership schemes. Haycock's is a heart-warming story of a high-school dropout who made his money through smart thinking and bold moves - and by really understanding the market he most loves to invest in.

This issue also analyses the US market and suggests options for Kiwis wanting to invest offshore for great returns. If you're interested in buying renters in Auckland's North Shore, you will find this appealing and prosperous suburb holds the prospect of good returns, good tenants and a stable and growing population.