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Open Space Forum. Bring your burning questions along.

Open Space Forum – bring your burning questions along. For this meeting the audience will set the agenda in an Open Space Forum. Do you have a burning question about property? Or, need help with an issue you have? Bring you questions along. This is a great opportunity to benefit from the experience and expertise in the room. Some topics which could be covered include: Healthy Homes standards, how much tax will I pay with the removal of the interest tax deductibility, changes to the RTA, how do I get started in property investing, how do I grow my portfolio when the banks say No, and what should I do - sell or hold my properties?

Join us after the meeting for networking and supper. Admission free to members and guests for one visit only. For any enquiries, please email: hawkesbay@nzpif.org.nz or phone 027 777 0178


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