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Archive: January 2008

Bank five-year rates fall

Mortgage rates are being pushed and pulled in all directions as lenders grapple with conflicting pressures in their businesses.
25-01-2008 more >>

No mortgage relief as Bollard holds rate

Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard today signalled no relief for mortagage holders in the near future as he held interest rates steady at 8.25 percent
24-01-2008 more >>

Dramatic changes to home loan rates

Up until recently there have been no changes to rates since late last year, however in the past two weeks there have been wholesale changes across the board, and big ones at that.
18-01-2008 more >>

NZ building consents take a hammering

Building consent figures have dropped for the 5th month running, driven by falling apartment developments.
15-01-2008 more >>

Inquiry into Housing Affordability

The Federation has been invited by the Commerce Select Committee to appear before it and present oral testimony on its written submission on 21 February 2008.
10-01-2008 more >>

Upward pressure on rents

The NZ Property Investor reports Westpac economists are predicting that rents are set to rise 6% per annum driven mainly by three economic fundamentals.
09-01-2008 more >>

Auckland housing gains defy warnings

Anne Gibson reports that Auckland house owners got much richer last year, despite a levelling off in the super-heated property market.
08-01-2008 more >>

Own a fraction of your dream bach

Just about now, thousands of people up and down the country will be day dreaming of buying a bach.
06-01-2008 more >>

Looking ahead - areas of importance

Thomas Chin looks at the areas of critical importance in terms of how the regulatory and political environment will unfold in the next 12 months
02-01-2008 more >>

Slow progress for mortgage auction site

A website allowing borrowers to put their mortgage up for auction has been making slow progress since it launched.
02-01-2008 more >>

January '08 Issue

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  • Ed Meili has ventured successfully where few other property investors have dared to tread
  • Small-business owners are breaking into commercial property investing
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