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WOF for rental houses not the answer

Private landlords represented by the NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) ensure that their properties are not cold, damp, and unhealthy.   They care about the quality of accommodation they offer. We also know that the cost of power means many people don't turn on their heating. A compulsory warrant of fitness, which could result in higher rental prices, will actually make this worse. The poor living conditions of the people in cold, damp and unhealthy houses is a complicated matter that will not be addressed by a blanket warrant of fitness on all rental properties.

We are very familiar with the work of Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman as well as the views of the Children’s Commissioner with whom we have met a number of times.  This has further confirmed our position that a general warrant of fitness applied to rental homes would not only increase rents but is not the answer to the health problems associated with cold, damp and unhealthy houses. The NZPIF is seeking support for insulation and energy efficient heating to be made a tax deductible expense. This would help reduce the need for rental price increases, thereby reducing pressure on tenants and reducing upward pressure on the accommodation supplement.

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